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Greetings from buyers of the Theory book

Yes I did receive it and I will definitely be recommending it to my students in the future.
Lynda Brothers, USA

I just received your book this weekend. Exciting stuff. Love your work. Thanks so much for putting together this book – Fujimoto Hitomi, USA

I received your book yesterday as a belated Christmas present from my brother and I just wanted to say that it is a wonderful book, just stock full of good things. Thanks a bunch for writing it.
Nancy E. Watts, USA

Your book has arrived, and it is Wonderful! I have read it through once and it has given me many new ideas to use in my work. Thank you so much for writing it.
Therese Coucher, USA

Thankyou so much for your wonderful Tapestry book. I will treasure it! So happy to receive it on return home from our trip. Take Care, Elaine Wismer, USA

It s a beautiful book and will provide many more years of tapestry exploration. I am a canadian tapestry weaver and was very interested to see that you included information about our west coast weavers. Your boo is truly a labour of love ant it shines through. Thank you for the inspiration and your for so generously presenting you long experience of tapestry weaving in your book.
Susan Middleton, Canada

I would like to thank you for sharing your vast knowledge of tapestry through your book. I appreciate your detailed descriptions, diagrams, and the cultural knowledge shared. "The theory in practice" section is extraordinary.
Deborah Ramer, USA

I've only had time to just thumb through the pages but I'm already so impressed that I'm recommending it to friends. I would like to mention it at a blog I have called Tapestry Share, if you don't mind
My other blog is primarily about my own work but I'd also like to mention your book there, if you wouldn't mind.
Thank you again for sharing your decades of work in such a beautiful way.
Tommye Scanlin, USA

I received your book today at my studio. Thank you so much! I am so glad that I purchased it. I look forward to studying it in detail. What a wonderful work with so much information in it. I am so excited about it!
I really have enjoyed your book. I knew that other people would love it too. So I wanted to share it! The videography is not great at all of course, but good enough that people wanted to order it. See
Take care and may many more people want copies! Thank you so much for writing it.
Rebecca Mezoff, USA